Special Occasions

10 June, 2021 - Celebrations

We know that it is not easy to choose your children’s clothes for their baptism, communion or when they must attend a wedding or any similar event as guests. The outfit for these events need more attention than the day-to-day look. Children often feel uncomfortable and insecure with so many people they don’t know, greeting them. Therefore, the most important thing about an event is that children feel comfortable and like what they are wearing. This will allow them to enjoy every moment.

Today we want to present you some socks and tights designs of the Cóndor Ceremony Collection. We remind you that on the online store you will find a huge variety of very appropriate designs to wear on a special occasion.

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FOTO: Ceremony socks with openwork cuffCeremony silk lace souquetCotton ankle socks with frill tule on the cuffHairclip with organza bow


FOTO: Ceremony socks for boy with side pattern and soft touchSpring cotton tights with textured stripes and satin bowTransparent ceremony socks with polka dot reliefAnkle socks with fancy cuffCotton socks with check relief


FOTO: Ceremony socks with frilled plumeti cuffCeremony ankle socks with folded cuff, lace and bowWide net souquet with grossgrain bowPerle openwork ankle socks with lace edging cuff and bowCeremony openwork short socks with fancy cuff


FOTO: Bolero in 100% cotton in a wide range of coloursShort cotton socks with pleated lace edgingMetallic yarn openwork perle knee socksSpring cotton tights with textured stripes and satin bow


FOTO: Ceremony short socks for boys with side pattern and soft touchCeremony silk lace pantyhouseCeremony girl ankle socks with folded cuff, lace and bowCeremony cotton socks with matching satin bowKnee high socks with tulle bow


FOTO: Spring cotton tights with side pattern for babies

Enter at Condor online store and have a look to the wide range of styles and colours to dress on special occasions.

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30 March, 2021 - Celebrations

We dress up for Easter!

There is no doubt that cities change at Easter. Many people live the year waiting for the arrival of Holy Week and not only from a religious point of view, but also for what these holidays represent. The spring weather invites us to go outdoors and wear our best clothes. We live with enthusiasm the start of this new season.

In today’s post we want to show you fabulous socks and tights that are perfect to wear these days:

Tulle Socks

Cotton ankle socks with a tulle strip gathered at the cuff that makes them a very special accessory. Designed in lots of combinable colors: white, beige, butter, baby pink, pale pink, peony and red.



Organza bow

The organza bow provides a delicate and flowing touch to your socks. You can choose between short or knee socks, tights and even hair clips in 12 different colours: from the most neutral ones such us white, cream, champagne, the classic baby pink, baby blue, the most feminine like bougainvillea, red, pale pink, cassis, and even black.

Vintage Details

Short or below the knee, these socks have that romantic, vintage look that we love so much. Choose cream, linen, peony, pale pink, dry green or cloud blue.



Grossgrain bows

The classic Condor bow that adds a fun touch to your socks. Where do you prefer it? On the side or on the back? In a short, knee high or tights? Variety of designs and in 19 colors to show your style.

Openwork details

Subtle classic quality details typical of long-standing brands. Fine openwork with bows and worked cuffs that you never cease to amaze.



Worked cuffs

Designed for the most special occasions but also for a day-to-day wearing with style, since they are represented in the classic ceremony colors but also in mauve, cedar, cassis, mustard, peony, and up to a total of 12 colours.

Option of tights

If the day is not very sunny, you can always opt for textured tights with a satin bow in very soft colors or the classic openwork pearl tights with a grossgrain bow in 19 colors.


For them

As always, in the Cóndor collection you will find a variety of socks for boys in very fresh materials such as tactel, carved or completely plain details and in classic colours such as white, beige, cream, linen, navy, black, so that it is very easy to combine with the main garment.

And for those who want a full color Easter, you can opt for listed socks like these that we show you:

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤


21 October, 2020 - Celebrations

With the most terrifying night of the year just around the corner, many of you are thinking how we are going to spend it, what we will be allowed to do due to this special time we are living. Maybe we still have no plans but, without any doubt, no baby, boy or girl will be left without their Halloween costume.

No matter which costume you choose because at Condor you will always find that special colour of tights and socks that matches wonderfully.

Here below, we show you the shades that we think could fit more with the main popular Halloween costumes:


Colours on the photo are, from left o right: Cauldron 385, Oxide 696, Sweet potato 691, Seaweed 742, Mustard 629 and Yellow 630. Also the new Mani 684 and Cinnamon 688 could match very nicely.


Colours on the photo are, from left o right: Red 550, Cherry 554, Garnet 575, Lavender 135, Cardinal 570 y Aubergine 180. Other interesting options are: Amethyst 675, the new Cassis 669, Burgundy 572 and, obviously, Black 900.


Colours on the photo are, from left o right: Beige 303, Linen 304, Stone 334, White 200, Light grey 230 and Black 900. You can also choose Cream 202 or shades of grey such as Alumnium 221, Antracite 290 or Coal 257.


Here you have the wide Condor color chart for this Autumn/Winter. 60 different colour options for you to choose that special shade to enhance your beautiful Halloween costume.


Cóndor, Passion for children