Christmas Giveaway Winners

11 January, 2022 - Contest


The winners of the Christmas Giveaway and who have been awarded a €100 voucher to spend at Condor stores have been:

Entering through:

♥ Instagram: @agueda_mestre

♥ Facebook: Alicia Miriam Petran

♥ Store – Cóndor Albacete: @moniruizt

♥ Store – Cóndor Alicante: @verito_lu7

♥ Store – Cóndor Barcelona Illa Diagonal: Raquel Pascual

♥ Store – Cóndor Barcelona Mestre Nicolau: Maria Font

♥ Store – Cóndor Bilbao: Amaia Antón

♥ Store – Cóndor Córdoba: Clara Mª Arce

♥ Store – Cóndor Donosti: Beatriz Del Castillo

♥ Store – Cóndor Huelva: @maria.cogar5

♥ Store – Cóndor Madrid: Beatriz Martín

♥ Online store: Maria López

♥ Store – Cóndor Outlet: Nais Vallès

♥ Store – Cóndor Valencia: Pilar Conchilla

♥ Store – Cóndor Zaragoza: @elenitamarco

Congratulations and thanks for entering!

Christmas Giveaway 2021

14 December, 2021 - Giveaway

We want to celebrate Christmas with you, so we have prepared a fabulous Giveaway with the collaboration of LYCRA® brand. Get into the Christmas spirit! Enter and get excited!


We raffle 3 vouchers of €100 each to spend at Condor online store in one single socks/tights purchase until 31st March 2022.

This giveaway runs simultaneously on Instagram, Facebook and at the Online store. A winner will be chosen from all the entries received via Instagram, another winner will be chosen from all entries received via Facebook, and another winner will be chosen from all entries received via the online store.


♥ Go to your Instagram or Facebook profile and follow @condormodainfantil

Like the post about this giveaway

Tag 5 friends on the giveaway post (The more friends you invite, the more chances to win)


♥ Click here fulfill the form.

♥ Be a Condor Club member. If you still are not from Condor Club, please join here.

♥ Extra point if you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook.


Only adults within the EU and Schengen area. By entering you are confirming that you are +18 years of age


Giveaway starts today and will finish on 6th January 2021 at 23h59. Lucky winners will be picked at and will be announced on 11th January 2022. Winners will be contacted via email or Direct-Message.


The name of the winners will be published on the same Giveaway post and Insta Stories. By entering you agree this terms of use.


Did you know that the fiber LYCRA® plays a decisive role so that our socks and tights can be the best in the market? It brings: ♥ Comfort ♥ Perfect fit ♥ Total freedom of movement LYCRA®, the fiber that takes care of your feet


22 October, 2021 - Trends


Protecting ourselves from the cold used to be the single purpose of Autumn-Winter accessories but, over the years, we have managed to get double benefit from accessories. These can easily be the key element, that special touch that differentiates your look from any other.

These are some proposals to stand up to the cold. Let’s start presenting this new collection of hats, berets, snood-scarves, gloves and, of course, socks and tights made of a Merino Wool blend. A very warm and comfortable material in a wide variety of colors, all of them in beautiful shades.

FOR BOYS in Merino

Featured: Folded ribbed hat in shades of mustard, jeans and grey with matching gloves (more colours available). You can combine them with the plain stitch short socks, or knee high socks with vertical pattern or even with the knee high socks and ribbed tights. For colder days, terry short socks with folded cuff or short socks with terry sole.

FOR GIRLS in Merino

Featured: Beret with diamond pattern in beige and grey. You can also choose other colours such as cava, cauldron, make-up and nude. Enchance the look with ribbed leggings or leggings with side openwork hearts in the same colours.

Featured: Honeycomb knit hat and snood-scarf with two grossgrain bows in cava and camel. Combine it with the bow gloves and the ribbed knee high socks with two matching bows. If you prefer, choose the micro-patterned tights in the same colour. Long and short cardign in 100% cotton also in cava. For a more distinctive touch, you can add the grossgrain bow application (very easy to attach to cardigans).

FOR GIRLS in Cotton or Acrylic

At Condor you will find a selection of the most important winter trends for kids. One of our bestsellers are the bows: Grossgrain bows, velvet bows, knitted bows, … If you like bows, these accessories will be your essentials.

Featured: Garter stitch beret and matching snood-scarf with velvet bow in Cloud 416. Knee high socks or tights with side velvet bow. Complete the look with the garter stitch cardigan and you can add the bow application. Discover the many other colour options at the online store

Featured: Garter stitch beret in grey and navy combined with the basic ribbed tights with faux fur pompom. As always, you have the short and long cardigan in the same colours. If you prefer, add the pompom hairclip or as an application for the cardigan.

Featured: The delicacy of the tulle helps us to give an extra sophistication to the outfit. Folded knit hat with tulle flower application in the new Bordeaux and Pale Pink. We also have gloves, short, knee high socks and tights with tulle. We have designed a new version of the basic cardigan, adding tulle at the waist. More colours available.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤

Autumn Colours

1 October, 2021 - Trends

At Cóndor we develop new colors every season. We keep the classics and add new trendy shades to the infinite colour chart. This Autumn, we have added Petunia, Bordeaux, Marsala, Banana and Stone Blue, that you will see here below.


At Cóndor, we will wear a lot of them because we have passion for colours 😉 We show you some proposals:

Yellow 630 – Cinnamon 688 – Oxide 696 – Mani 684 – Brown 390

The eternal earthy colors like the classic yellow. Cinnamon, that is relatively young in the Condor colour palette will still remain for a long time. Oxide arrived before cinnamon and has already become a classic. Very similar to cinnamon but it’s a little bit more intense and orange. Mani help us to give that touch of light on a sober autumn outfit. And browns are back again and will be the favorite one this season.

Banana 611 – Mustard 629 – Seaweed 742 – Amazonia 753 – Pine 795

Banana is one of the Condor bets for this fall. More powdery, a bit greenish, botanical and fresh, it matches perfectly with the range of greys. Mustard is fun and youthful. It may remind us of the retro fashion of the 70s and 80s. And we have a return of all kinds of greens, but at Cóndor we have opted more for natural tones, more muted, such as Pine, Amazon, Dry Green, Lichen, … These greens will add intensity to autumn.

Linen 304 – Camel 326 – Nougat 316 – Trunk 356 – Cauldron 385

In Autumn the range of browns will be in every closet, from the classic dark brown, chocolate, cauldron, toffee, beige to the most neutral and light. All will be part of a chromatic scale that will invade the garments that will be a trend this fall / winter. Even the timeless camel, such a basic and classic color, will be very trendy.

Tobacco 347 – Toffee 807 – Mink 350 – Burgundy 572 – Red 550

Burgundy is rich and warm, a deep red with a strong dose of brown. It brings class and elegance. Condor red is intense, energetic and cheerful for those greyer days.

Nude 674 – Old Rose 544 – Pink 334 – Dry Green 756 – Lichen 761

Delicate and slightly dusty shades that add softness, serenity to your look.

Baby Pink 500 – Pale Pink 526 – Aluminium 221 – Light Grey 230 – Anthracite 290

The classic Condor roses are warm, they bring tenderness and softness. The range of greys are timeless tones that will always be in fashion. Slightly cool light greys will work great with the rest of the cool colors of the season.

Petunia 597 – Cassis 669 – Amethyst 675 – Aubergine 180 – Burdeaux 197

Although softer pink colours are still in fashion, this year fuchsias are coming out strong. At Cóndor we have opted for the new petunia. Lilac and purple tones were already in fashion in winter 2020 and this year they will be no less.

Baby Blue 410 – Cloud 416 – French Blue 449 – Atlantic 485 – Navy 480

The most classic light blues provide us with the typical calm that we expect from blue tones. Instead the Atlantic is a vibrant blue, brighter and more vivid than classic blue.

Cream 202 – Cava 303 – Stone Blue 435 – Cobalt 470 – Jeans 490

Neutral and cold colours, soft and elegant. Stone blue is the new Condor blue for this Autumn. It is a calm and balanced shade of blue. Cobalt blue is the most elegant shade of the new season.

Visit our online store and choose your colours

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤

Back to School

1 September, 2021 - Collection


We start the month of September and we say Goodbye to the summer holidays. Back to the city, back to the routine and THE BACK TO SCHOOL, something that the smallest of the house face every year with excitement. Therefore begins that ritual of buying new books, new school items and meeting with school friends after an endless summer full of adventures to tell. In addition, many of them will have to renew their uniforms.

If you have a child who wears a uniform to school, at Cóndor we manufacture the best school socks and tights. With a high quality cotton to ensure maximum resistance, durability and comfort. In addition, our tights are well known for being “anti-pilling” and remaining perfect after continued use. We have more than 60 colors, so you will surely find the color for your uniform.

And don’t forget to choose the basic cardigan. More than 30 colors such as: white, grey, navy, garnet and bottle green.


And now, get a Condor pencil for free in all of your online purchases (until end of stock)

Visit our online store and prepare your #backtoschool.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤

Summer cardigan

8 July, 2021 - Collection

After the strong midday heat, it is common that clouds appear in the afternoon and a good downpour falls. These summer storms are usually brief but they cause a significant drop in temperature and increase in humidity. This, together with the setting of the sun, can lead to a totally cool environment, so in summer we recommend to bring a cardigan on hand.

Your capsule wardrope

I’m sure this term has appeared several times in your browser. We remind you what he refers to :-): They are those basic garments, very well chosen, from our wardrobe that we use to cover our day to day outfit. Quality items, which are a must in our wardrobe. Few garments, that by mixing them you get a lot of different looks .

What we like the most about capsule wardrobes, apart from the comfort they offer when creating daily outfits for the little ones, is above all that they favor responsible consumption and, in a way, sustainability. And a garment that should not be missing is an openwork cardigan like the ones we show you in today’s post.

Openwork cardigan

Easy to combine, due to its range of neutral colors such as white, cream, linen, navy. The classic baby blue, baby pink or pale pink. We can also scale in intensity and choose to give a main role to the cardigan choosing colours such as Mayan blue, cassis or peony.

Coordinated total look

Combine the cardigans with the rest of the baby knitwear collection: culottes, rompesuits, sweaters, dresses, etc… And don’t forget to choose a pair of socks or tights.

Return to the origins

You already know that at Cóndor we believe in Slow Fashion children’s fashion. We manufacture respecting human rights and the environment, because we are a fashion brand that takes care of yours and we think that betting on local production is the best future for them.

If you were looking for quality, you have already found it!

Enter at Condor online store and benefit of Summer Sales.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤

Special Occasions

10 June, 2021 - Celebrations

We know that it is not easy to choose your children’s clothes for their baptism, communion or when they must attend a wedding or any similar event as guests. The outfit for these events need more attention than the day-to-day look. Children often feel uncomfortable and insecure with so many people they don’t know, greeting them. Therefore, the most important thing about an event is that children feel comfortable and like what they are wearing. This will allow them to enjoy every moment.

Today we want to present you some socks and tights designs of the Cóndor Ceremony Collection. We remind you that on the online store you will find a huge variety of very appropriate designs to wear on a special occasion.

* If you click on each product description, you will be linked to each article on the online store.


FOTO: Ceremony socks with openwork cuffCeremony silk lace souquetCotton ankle socks with frill tule on the cuffHairclip with organza bow


FOTO: Ceremony socks for boy with side pattern and soft touchSpring cotton tights with textured stripes and satin bowTransparent ceremony socks with polka dot reliefAnkle socks with fancy cuffCotton socks with check relief


FOTO: Ceremony socks with frilled plumeti cuffCeremony ankle socks with folded cuff, lace and bowWide net souquet with grossgrain bowPerle openwork ankle socks with lace edging cuff and bowCeremony openwork short socks with fancy cuff


FOTO: Bolero in 100% cotton in a wide range of coloursShort cotton socks with pleated lace edgingMetallic yarn openwork perle knee socksSpring cotton tights with textured stripes and satin bow


FOTO: Ceremony short socks for boys with side pattern and soft touchCeremony silk lace pantyhouseCeremony girl ankle socks with folded cuff, lace and bowCeremony cotton socks with matching satin bowKnee high socks with tulle bow


FOTO: Spring cotton tights with side pattern for babies

Enter at Condor online store and have a look to the wide range of styles and colours to dress on special occasions.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤


12 May, 2021 - Collection

In today’s post, we show you just a few styles of the Cóndor Ceremony collection. Designs that every season surprise moms with details that girls fall in love with because we always look for the originality and quality of the fabrics, which gives the unique touch to our creations, designed and manufactured 100% in Barcelona.

Designs that have been created thinking of a unique, special and, of course, unforgettable day. Designed for babies, girls and boys, so that accessories be also an important part of the outfit at a christening, communion, wedding and other special celebrations.


Made of cotton piqué fabric with a plumeti tulle strip at the cuff that gives that delicate and elegant touch. Socks designed for baptism and communion in very neutral colors such as white, cream or beige for ages between 3 months and up to 10 years approximately.


Semi transparent socks to feel the freshness. We have added the detail of the relief of polka dots. Designed for newborn to approximately 10 years old. Very neutral colors such as white, cream or beige. These neutral colors are the ones that prevail in almost the whole ceremony collection.


Elegant with a certain bohemian look. Socks with fine openwork and detail of the pleated lace on the cuff. Designed for girls between 1 and 8 years old in white, cream or old pink.


The focuss of these socks is on the work done on the cuff. With a classic romantic style, folded cuff with lace, bow and three small pearls, which evoke us to long ago. Designed for newborn to size 8 years in white, cream and beige.


Wide net souquet with large bow at the back. Designed in white, beige, navy and pale pink for girls between 6 and 12 years old. They will bec one of the most cute accessories for a communion look!

COMFORT short socks, extremely comfortable because of the LYCRA, which gives them elasticity. Perfect if you don’t want to overload the main garment. They just have a simple pleated detail on the cuff. For girls between 2 and 12 years old in white, pearl gray, beige, baby pink, linen and navy.


Openwork souquet with waved cuff. You can choose pearl grey, linen, pale pink and dry green for girls between 2 and 12 years old. A mixture between comfort and with a plus of sophistication.


We focus our boy’s collection on a variety of high-quality socks, where it is very important the selection of fabrics and finishes. This cotton style contains a percentage of tactel, which gives them lightness and a very silky touch. The detail of the side pattern makes it perfect for special occasions. Designed in colours that match the communion suit such as white, beige, linen, navy or black.


Trainer socks in stretch cotton for newborn up to approximately 12 years old and in neutral colors. Perfect for a more informal style.

Go to the online store and discover the wide variety of models designed for more formal occasions.

*If you click on the photo, you will be linked to each item on the online store.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤


29 April, 2021 - Collection


What do you think about prints with large flowers, with tropical motifs or designs where the prominence is taken by pronounced ruffles or details with smock?

Cóndor swimsuit collection offers us garments of high quality fabrics, years of expertise in manufacturing and accurated finishes, so that each piece is special and provides children with a very comfortable, modern and sophisticated look.

Plenty of options to choose and satisfy the demands of the most fashionable little ones. From one-piece swimsuit with vertical ruffles and low-back, bikini with frontal flounces, sport top bikini with smock, etc …

And as you know, we like coordinated outfits, so we have incorporated to the swimwear collection some matching clothing items such as t-shirts, beach dresses, fancy socks, hair clips and even Covid masks. All this, with the same print as the swimsuits.

Finally, remember that the entire Kids swimwear collection has UPF50+ sun protection, except the Quick Dry shorts and dresses.


And for the purchase of a piece of swimwear, we give you as a gift this photosensitive bracelet that changes colour (from white to lilac) when it comes into contact with UV rays and reminds us that we must use sun protection (*while stocks last).

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤


15 April, 2021 - Collection


This new Condor swimwear collection takes us on a journey through the Mediterranean. It stands out for its prints with pale nautical stripes and lighthouse motifs, in shades of baby blue, white and red. Each article has been designed with care and passion.


For the little baby girls, we suggest you tankinis with bikini bottoms or with diaper bottoms. Two different sweet styles with ruffles, bows and fake buttons with little fishes. In addition to being beautiful and comfortable garments, the entire collection counts with UPF50 sun protection.


If you want to dress your children similar but not exactly the same this is your collection. In the Cóndor swimwear collection for this Summer 2021 you can match swimwear of your sons and daughters but letting them have their own style. They can choose between boxers or bermuda shorts, one-piece swimsuits or bikinis, different types of dresses, etc …


Have a look at the sun dresses designed with the same print as the swimswear collection, which will make very easy to select the total looks for this Summer.


We complete the look to go to the beach or to the pool with COVID masks to match with the swimsuits. You will find them in all the prints of the 2021 swimwear collection.


Essential accessory for those sunny days. This summer, we have added into the Cóndor swimwear collection, a selection of Izipizi sunglasses for babies & kids. It’s 100% UV, category 3, which guarantee optimal protection for the eyes of the little ones.


If you buy a swimwear article, we give you for free these photo sensitive bracelet, which changes colour (from white to lila) when the bracelet is exposed to UV rays and reminds us to use sun protection.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤