25 February, 2021 - Collection


Spring and Summer are the ideal seasons to dress our girls in fresh and flowing styles, whether we plan to attend an event or just any other occasion. Light or pastel shades: white, beige, dusty pinks, are the most appropriate for a romantic children’s style.

In the Legwear Cóndor collection, you will find fine applications and details, giving an air of delicacy, innocence, simplicity, subtlety, … Socks made with very fresh materials so that they look but above all so that they feel very comfortable.

Garter card cardigans are designed to be a basic garment that can be worn all year round. It is a very versatile article, since you can use it both for a more casual dress or for more formal occasions.


The sock designs are unique: bows, laces handcrafted applied… Classic styles but giving each model a contemporary touch that makes it very special.


The different Cóndor collections are not independent of each other, but are designed to be able to be combined with each other and achieve that coordinated look that we like so much. Choose a cardigan colour and just match it with the same tone socks. You will see how easy it is!

Cóndor, Passion for children sinse 1898 ❤

Hair bows for the cutest looks

13 November, 2020 - Collection

Discover the beautiful hair accessories collection for babies and kids to complement your outfits and give that coordinated touch that we like so much.

Hair bows are in style again this Winter. Use them in her dayly wear or for celebrations: Christmas, weddings, baptisms, communions and other special occasions. In this week’s post, we show you the different hairbows that you can find at Cóndor online store and Cóndor stores.


Different sizes: hairclip with large grossgrain bow (width 7cm) or smaller grossgrain bow (6cm). Although there is not a big difference regarding bow width, the important is the closure. One has been designed for long hairs and the second one for the little girls.


If you want to focus the attention on the hair, these XL version is the correct one. Bow width 14cm!


Headbands have been used for centuries and with very diverse symbologies: they could mean power, royalty, intelligence or simply as an ornament. Today, they are used for everything: for a Street Style and for special celebrations. It is a way to ensure that their hair is always well tied up. In addition, it is perfect for long and short hair.


Designed for the little ones so that they can also show off their hair. Hair accessories are those complements that sometimes we forget to give them the attention they deserve.


Inspiration for Christmas looks, velvet bows make the whole outfit more elegant, special and that festive touch.


Simply choose the main garment because at Cóndor you will find the matching quality accessories: long or short cardigans, knit hats, gloves, snood-scarves, socks, tights and hair accessories

Garnet 575

Reed 550


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Cóndor, Passion for children


28 October, 2020 - Collection


These openwork warm tights are considered as one of our main Condor Classic styles for the colder seasons. An article that you have been chosen year after year for its design, colour and especially for its warmth. They are also made in cotton, polyamide and elasthan LYCRA, as our basic plain and rib tights, but in a thicker gauge to provide them with the thickness and protection that your baby, boy or girl needs to go outdoor. Children can show off their tights without being cold because the most important thing when we design our Condor collection is to achieve the maximum confort for our little ones.

Their design also make them a very special complement. The fine and narrowed side openwork enchances every dress or skirt and gives an original touch when they wear short trousers, improving the final outlook but without being an overloaded garment and excessively protagonist. Designed for newborn up to eight years old.

Regarding the colour, and as a Condor distinctive trait, you will find endless shades, a total of 25 options so that it is very easy to combine them.


In the warm cotton tights and socks collection, you can choose between two types of openwork: the herringbone-shaped side openwork that we mentioned earlier or the whole herringbone-shaped openwork.

Tights with full openwork are new this Autumn, due to the great interest in “crochet” in recent seasons. We also present it in a wide variety of colours and it is designed for newborn to size four years.


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Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898


9 October, 2020 - Collection




The Fall romance

Nice fusion of purple and pink tones that is being very popular this season. Also known as “The new black”, it is inspired by the nature of the black currant and offers a very colorful and sophisticated touch to your outfit. It is a mixture of the intensity of purple tones with the softness of pink tones and, as a result, a darker grayish purple color.

It’s also said that Cassis has arisen from the Millenial Pink. It’s the evolution and growth of this generation that is now in another phase of its life in search of a sophisticated style.

This trend transferred to the babywear fashion offers us an intense powdery color, modern and neutral, whichs it’s perfect for boys and for girls. Easy to match son and daughter.

You will find it in the baby knit collection and in a wide range of socks, tights, cardigans, hats, gloves and scarves for babies and boys and girls.


Our Chalk Paint

Bright colour, very popular thankts to the “Chalk Paint” trend. Powdery colour, pastel blue with a certain chalky colour effect. Cloud 416 calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity.

Very easy to combine! Perfect with the different palette of browns, from the low-intensity shades such as linen, stone, camel, nougat or rope, to the higher ones such as tobacco, toffee, mink, trunk, rust, cauldron and the new cinnamon.

If you feel more comfortable with blue, you can play contrasting it with darker shades such as blue navy and trying the new Atlantic blue. If you want to enchance the Cloud 416, one option is to combine it with neutral colors such as white, cream or cava. And a wonderful result is also achieved with other ranges of powders such as old pink and pale pink. There are an infinity of possible combinations. We have the widest colour offer on the market so you can create multiple looks.


The essential

Without any doubt, one of your favorite colours this autumn. A color that brings warmth and light on the darkest and coldest days of winter. Earthy and warm, it evokes the aromatic cinnamon sticks and the sweetness of the exquisite pastries. It has nothing to do with reddish tones. It is the combination of coppers, oxides, golds and oranges.

Classic autumn colours never go out of style!

PINE 795

Feel the nature

Each season has its own color palette and autumn has brought us several new colours that are really a #musthave if you want to follow the trend. Pine is an example. It became fashionable last year in adult fashion and this year is also strong in children’s fashion.

Relaxing and cool. Super trend this year. Deep color that goes beautifully with neutral tones like grey, beige, white and black. If you want to risk a little more, you can combine it with colours such as mustard, cinnamon, brown, orange, yellow, among others.

Cóndor, Passion for children


28 May, 2020 - Collection

This current summer we have designed three swimwear collections: Baby, Kids and Teen. In today’s post we explain how the collection is for the little ones.


6 families with very fresh and colorful prints: “Little Paradise”, “Tutti Frutti”, “Atlantic Fish”, “Sweet Flamingo”, “Beach Ball” and “Animal Print”.

You can choose between boxers and t-shirts for boys, and swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis, beach dresses and bikini bottoms for girls. And, NEW, the swim diaper for the smallest. All garments have UPF 50 sun protection.

Designed for boys and girls up to 6 years old, except for tankinis that goes up to size 36 months. Prints of palm trees, fruit trees, sea rays, fish, flamingos, balls or animal print on bases in yellow, Mayan blue, pale pink, mint green, marine and white.


Cóndor is a brand of proximity, with social and environmental responsibility. We have been designing and manufacturing swimsuits for 14 years with the highest quality materials to protect the delicate skin of babies and children. For us, it is essential!

The secret of our swimsuits success is the invaluable dedication in the selection of fabrics and prints, in paying attention to every single detail and in supervising each finish.

Surf the online store and choose your favorite!

Cóndor, Passion for children


25 October, 2019 - Collection

The best way to enchance a basic moss stitch cardigan is choosing accessories to make it highlight. You can try with the new knithats with giant faux fur pompoms. Have a look to Condor complements collection and discover the wide range of new styles with awesome applications.

And the key question is: Should I combine them with a same tone cardigan or better contrasting colours? There is not a single answer. Just do it according to your style. Both options will be fine!

Unifying colours is a more classic option but always trendy. And with little chance of not achieving the desired result.

We design with the aim the you can find a huge range of knithats, gloves, scarves, hair accessories, socks and tights in the same colour as our cardigans, so that it becomes easier for you to create your baby/kid outfit.

Or you can also dare to enjoy playing with the different colours and creat much more outfits. There are more than 30 colours in cardigans to combine with the 65 colours of tights.

For boys, you can combine the cardigan with striped Merino wool knithats, beanies or with bi-colour pompomps and large scarves.


Browse through Condor online store and select the one you like the most.

Cóndor, Passion for children ❤


3 October, 2019 - Collection

Velvel bow socks are becoming a MUST this Autumn. A trendy and elegant proposal for babies and kids. Socks to be show off!

Terribly COOOLSS!


Cord 331 , Toffee 807, Curry 645, Amazonia 753, Pale pink 526, Praliné 314, Garnet 575, Red 550, Beige 303, Light grey 230, Navy 480 and Black 900.

Browse through Condor online store and select the one you like the most.

Cóndor, Passion for children ❤

080 Catwalk Video – Art Gallery FW17

1 February, 2017 -

Playtime Paris

30 January, 2017 -

PARIS (28-30 JANUARY 2017).- Cóndor has exhibited at the French fair par excellence of children’s fashion, Playtime Paris. With more than 500 national and international brands joining this trade show, buyers have become full information about trends for next FW17.

In this edition, Cóndor has showed for the first time the clothing colletion from newborn to the age of 12, so that two stands were occupied: one for the hosiery and the other for the clothing collection.

Children’s Fashion from Spain Catwalk

19 January, 2017 -

FLORENCE (19 JANUARY 2017).- CND by Cóndor has taken part in “Children’s Fashion from Spain” catwalk, held during Pitti Bimbo tradeshow in Florence. Under the name of “FASHION SQUARE”, the different catwalks take place in a colourful subway station.

Gold” is the collection selected by Cóndor to show during this event. Dresses and skirts in grey anthracite with some lurex stars, combined with lace t-shirts. Flannel cardigans, trousers and pinafore dresses in navy with diplomatic stripes. Camel dresses and shorts with feather print go with navy t-shirts and tights. Large toffee check print dresses and shirts. And all this, enhanced with bonnets, knit hats, gloves and scarves, socks and tights.