25 February, 2021 - Collection


Spring and Summer are the ideal seasons to dress our girls in fresh and flowing styles, whether we plan to attend an event or just any other occasion. Light or pastel shades: white, beige, dusty pinks, are the most appropriate for a romantic children’s style.

In the Legwear Cóndor collection, you will find fine applications and details, giving an air of delicacy, innocence, simplicity, subtlety, … Socks made with very fresh materials so that they look but above all so that they feel very comfortable.

Garter card cardigans are designed to be a basic garment that can be worn all year round. It is a very versatile article, since you can use it both for a more casual dress or for more formal occasions.


The sock designs are unique: bows, laces handcrafted applied… Classic styles but giving each model a contemporary touch that makes it very special.


The different Cóndor collections are not independent of each other, but are designed to be able to be combined with each other and achieve that coordinated look that we like so much. Choose a cardigan colour and just match it with the same tone socks. You will see how easy it is!

Cóndor, Passion for children sinse 1898 ❤


21 October, 2020 - Celebrations

With the most terrifying night of the year just around the corner, many of you are thinking how we are going to spend it, what we will be allowed to do due to this special time we are living. Maybe we still have no plans but, without any doubt, no baby, boy or girl will be left without their Halloween costume.

No matter which costume you choose because at Condor you will always find that special colour of tights and socks that matches wonderfully.

Here below, we show you the shades that we think could fit more with the main popular Halloween costumes:


Colours on the photo are, from left o right: Cauldron 385, Oxide 696, Sweet potato 691, Seaweed 742, Mustard 629 and Yellow 630. Also the new Mani 684 and Cinnamon 688 could match very nicely.


Colours on the photo are, from left o right: Red 550, Cherry 554, Garnet 575, Lavender 135, Cardinal 570 y Aubergine 180. Other interesting options are: Amethyst 675, the new Cassis 669, Burgundy 572 and, obviously, Black 900.


Colours on the photo are, from left o right: Beige 303, Linen 304, Stone 334, White 200, Light grey 230 and Black 900. You can also choose Cream 202 or shades of grey such as Alumnium 221, Antracite 290 or Coal 257.


Here you have the wide Condor color chart for this Autumn/Winter. 60 different colour options for you to choose that special shade to enhance your beautiful Halloween costume.


Cóndor, Passion for children

Playtime Paris

30 January, 2017 -

PARIS (28-30 JANUARY 2017).- Cóndor has exhibited at the French fair par excellence of children’s fashion, Playtime Paris. With more than 500 national and international brands joining this trade show, buyers have become full information about trends for next FW17.

In this edition, Cóndor has showed for the first time the clothing colletion from newborn to the age of 12, so that two stands were occupied: one for the hosiery and the other for the clothing collection.

Pitti Bimbo Florence

22 January, 2017 -

FLORENCIA (19-21 JANUARY 2017).- Pitti Bimbo, the most important children’s trade show, is the place chosen by the brand to present in Europe the new collection of Autumn/Winter 2017/18. With the title “Art Gallery“, in this occasion the brand has been inspired by the Art.

Children’s Fashion from Spain Catwalk

19 January, 2017 -

FLORENCE (19 JANUARY 2017).- CND by Cóndor has taken part in “Children’s Fashion from Spain” catwalk, held during Pitti Bimbo tradeshow in Florence. Under the name of “FASHION SQUARE”, the different catwalks take place in a colourful subway station.

Gold” is the collection selected by Cóndor to show during this event. Dresses and skirts in grey anthracite with some lurex stars, combined with lace t-shirts. Flannel cardigans, trousers and pinafore dresses in navy with diplomatic stripes. Camel dresses and shorts with feather print go with navy t-shirts and tights. Large toffee check print dresses and shirts. And all this, enhanced with bonnets, knit hats, gloves and scarves, socks and tights.







Children’s Club New York

10 January, 2017 -

NEW YORK (8-10 JANUARY 2017).- Children’s Club NY, international childrenswear trade show located in NY, is considered by the brand Cóndor as a huge opportunity to show the new collections to clients and potential buyers from the East Coast, such as Department Stores better children’s specialty retailers and boutiques.

Next International Tradeshows

1 December, 2016 -

BARCELONA (01 DEC 2016).- Cóndor continues to bet strongly on the international expansion of the brand by attending the main children’s fashion fairs. “Art Gallery” , the new F/W17 collection will be showed at following trade shows: Bubble London, Children’s Club New York, Pitti Bimbo Florence and Playtime Paris, among others.

Cóndor is nowadays an international company that distributes to more than 30 countries through its own stores and franchises, department stores and multibrand boutiques.

Cóndor opens his first store in the United States

11 September, 2016 -

LAKEWOOD (SEPTEMBER 11 – 2016).- Cóndor opens his first childrenswear store in USA, specifically in the township of Lakewood, New Jersey, through his newyorker distributor Y&Y Imports.

The US market is already the Cóndor’s biggest export destination, representing more than 25% of the export sales, and one of main important goals for this year is to introduce the brand in more States, especially in the West Coast.

Playtime Tokyo

25 August, 2016 -

TOKYO (AUGUST 23rd-25th, 2016).- Cóndor has presented the collection “Summer Songs” for next Spring/Summer 2017, at Playtime Tokyo trade show through his Japanese distributor Lilys’ Closet.

The Asian market is one of the main focus of the brand’s expansion, being Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea the countries with the largest number of CND-Cóndor sale points, through shop-in-shops and corners in Department Stores such as ISETAN, boutiques, and online shops such as Amazon Japan.

Playtime Tokyo

Children’s Club New York

2 August, 2016 -

<NEW YORK ( JULY 31th – AUGUST 2nd, 2016).Children’s Club NY is the leading Children’s Fashion trade show in the United States. In this current edition, more than 500 international brands have attented the show with their proposals for next SS17.

Cóndor, with an established presence in this market for over 30 years, has been repeatedly exhibiting in this fair with the collaboration of his newyorker distributor Y&Y Imports. The United States is up to date the foreign market with the highest turnover for the brand outside the EU.