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30 March, 2023 - Collection

’23 Swimwear Collection

Do you want to know how we shot the swimwear collection?
Take a look at the making of. We tell you all our secrets 😉

1st. Day
Location: Famara.
Collectionss: Big Fish, Animal Print and Hawaiian

When we reach our destination we get to work.
We prepare the swimwear collection, removing possible wrinkles from the fabric and apply sun cream to guarantee the skin protection of the little ones during the sunny day and now… we are ready to start!

Alana, Andrea, Neymar and Enrique have fun trying out swimsuits from the new collection, making sure they feel comfortable, while our cameraman prepares to start recording .


He is the one who tells them how and where they should be located so that the photos are beautiful.

They come out gorgeous!

And to end the filming session properly on the first day, we drink some water and have a rest… We, because the little ones prefer to take a dip. ♥

A day full of energy and fun! And the adventure continues…


2nd. Day
Location: La Graciosa.
Collections: Aloha, Tropical Hibiscus, Good Vibes and Blue&Yellow

We start the second day of shooting full of energy and eager for summer to come.

The entire team had to get up early to catch a ferry that departed from Órzola, on the north coast of the island, about 35km from the capital.

We started on the dunes, where the girls never got tired of dancing! And we ended up in the water, where the currents were very strong and we played non-stop! It was an unforgettable day!


We said goodbye in the town where we took the ferry between hugs and many gestures of affection, promising that we would see each other again around the world!

? We give a second life to waste

This Summer, a large part of the swimwear collection is made with Ecowave fabric (ecological and sustainable threads to generate less CO2 emissions).

And, as every season, our boxer swimsuits and sun hats are always made with the Quick Dry fabric to feel the maximum comfort and also UPF50 sun protection.

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