Aretex, S.A.U. is a company that was founded in 1898 in Arenys de Mar, close to the city of Barcelona.

It is owned by Corporación Empresarial Valls, SL, a major holding company that owns other p>

textile and graphic arts companies.

An international company that distributes to more than 30 countries through its own stores and franchises, department stores and multibrand boutiques.
We deliver to the most diverse, changing and demanding markets thanks to the excellence of our team who create excellent quality collections that have a distinct personality.
Dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving, we maintain a strong commitment to anyone who is part of our organisation.

Corporate Identity – Values




    We are an internationally
    recognised childrenswear brand,
    that is socially and
    environmentally responsible.


    To dress children in style and comfort;
    to accompany them while they grow
    and leave an endearing mark
    on their childhood memories.

Corporative video

Inside Cóndor

Our brand

Cóndor-CND is a childrensswear brand that is designed and manufactured in Barcelona and committed to the welfare and comfort of children.
Recognised for its quality and know-how from many years’ experience, Cóndor is genuine, responsible and trustworthy.
Comfortable collections that are made from essentially natural materials and finishes that are done with care. Elegant and contemporary style.
Exclusive designs, simple lines, with character presented in a kaleidoscope of colours.

“Natural Elegance”.

A total look for newborns up to 12-year-olds: hosiery, swimwear, jumpers, jackets and
accessories (hats, gloves and scarves).