Writing our stories

Back to School

1 September, 2021 - Collection

SCHOOL UNIFORMS We start the month of September and we say Goodbye to the summer holidays. Back to the city, back to the routine and THE BACK TO SCHOOL, something that the smallest of the house face every year with excitement. Therefore begins that ritual of buying new books, new school items and meeting with […]

Summer cardigan

8 July, 2021 - Collection

After the strong midday heat, it is common that clouds appear in the afternoon and a good downpour falls. These summer storms are usually brief but they cause a significant drop in temperature and increase in humidity. This, together with the setting of the sun, can lead to a totally cool environment, so in summer […]

Special Occasions

10 June, 2021 - Celebrations

We know that it is not easy to choose your children’s clothes for their baptism, communion or when they must attend a wedding or any similar event as guests. The outfit for these events need more attention than the day-to-day look. Children often feel uncomfortable and insecure with so many people they don’t know, greeting […]

Summer Picnic

31 May, 2021 - Collection

Fruits in the Summer season are one of the best gastronomic options for eat healthy. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Plus, summer fruits are refreshing and super sweet. Summer offers us a whole universe of colour shades, which make each moment unique. And so it’s the S/Summer Condor collection, an explosion of colours […]


12 May, 2021 - Collection

In today’s post, we show you just a few styles of the Cóndor Ceremony collection. Designs that every season surprise moms with details that girls fall in love with because we always look for the originality and quality of the fabrics, which gives the unique touch to our creations, designed and manufactured 100% in Barcelona. […]


29 April, 2021 - Collection

SUNNY SUMMER What do you think about prints with large flowers, with tropical motifs or designs where the prominence is taken by pronounced ruffles or details with smock? Cóndor swimsuit collection offers us garments of high quality fabrics, years of expertise in manufacturing and accurated finishes, so that each piece is special and provides children […]


15 April, 2021 - Collection

MEDITERRANEAN INSPIRATION This new Condor swimwear collection takes us on a journey through the Mediterranean. It stands out for its prints with pale nautical stripes and lighthouse motifs, in shades of baby blue, white and red. Each article has been designed with care and passion. BABY GIRL For the little baby girls, we suggest you […]


30 March, 2021 - Celebrations

We dress up for Easter! There is no doubt that cities change at Easter. Many people live the year waiting for the arrival of Holy Week and not only from a religious point of view, but also for what these holidays represent. The spring weather invites us to go outdoors and wear our best clothes. […]


18 March, 2021 - Collection

SWIMWEAR 2021 This season, we have added some Men boxers to the Cóndor Baby/Children’s swimwear collection. So that, dad & son/daughter can wear their matching summer swuimsuit to go to together to the sea or pool. We show them to you: EXOTIC PARC Dad & Son EXOTIC PARC Dad & Daughter CHIC BANANAS Dad & […]


9 March, 2021 - Collection

TRENDS & MEMORIES There are many trends in baby fashion but with something in common, the classic patterns are always renewed without losing the essence of quality and noble materials. This is how the Cóndor collection looks like, a collection with a lot of charm, full of color, designed and manufactured in Spain in 100% […]