1 September, 2022 - Trends

Do you want to start creating your Autumn-Winter wardrobe with seasonal colours? Take note of the Cóndor proposals and adapt them to your style!

These are the trendy colors that we add to our color palette

TERRACOTA 126: 100% earthy colour. Perfect mix between ethnic and exotic. It is not a red or a tan, but the perfect mix between the two. It is an eternal color that never goes out of style and always brings warmth with a certain air between rustic and ethnic. An intense color with a lot of personality that also looks good with everything!

CORAL 589: Chromatic intensity, which will fill any outfit with energy and vitality. It is a festive color, which radiates passion and emotion.

IRIS 174: Bring out your most trendy side and dare with the Iris. Powdery, romantic and natural, with grayish undertones. Very feminine. It combines well with other shades of the same range, such as pink, or with colours from the other side of the spectrum, such as green, grey or black. His tone is relaxing and very pleasing to the eye.

TRUFFLE 318: Change the black for the truffle. Elegant, modern and enveloping. Versatile tone that will be easy to match.

SEA MIST 495: Following the trend that seeks more naturalness, being more sustainable and responsible with the world around us. Provides freshness as well as serenity and luminosity. It evokes nature, hope and relax…

You will find these colours in the collection of socks, tights, knithats, gloves, buffs, baby knitwear and hair accessories. We hope you like them as much as we do!

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22 October, 2021 - Trends


Protecting ourselves from the cold used to be the single purpose of Autumn-Winter accessories but, over the years, we have managed to get double benefit from accessories. These can easily be the key element, that special touch that differentiates your look from any other.

These are some proposals to stand up to the cold. Let’s start presenting this new collection of hats, berets, snood-scarves, gloves and, of course, socks and tights made of a Merino Wool blend. A very warm and comfortable material in a wide variety of colors, all of them in beautiful shades.

FOR BOYS in Merino

Featured: Folded ribbed hat in shades of mustard, jeans and grey with matching gloves (more colours available). You can combine them with the plain stitch short socks, or knee high socks with vertical pattern or even with the knee high socks and ribbed tights. For colder days, terry short socks with folded cuff or short socks with terry sole.

FOR GIRLS in Merino

Featured: Beret with diamond pattern in beige and grey. You can also choose other colours such as cava, cauldron, make-up and nude. Enchance the look with ribbed leggings or leggings with side openwork hearts in the same colours.

Featured: Honeycomb knit hat and snood-scarf with two grossgrain bows in cava and camel. Combine it with the bow gloves and the ribbed knee high socks with two matching bows. If you prefer, choose the micro-patterned tights in the same colour. Long and short cardign in 100% cotton also in cava. For a more distinctive touch, you can add the grossgrain bow application (very easy to attach to cardigans).

FOR GIRLS in Cotton or Acrylic

At Condor you will find a selection of the most important winter trends for kids. One of our bestsellers are the bows: Grossgrain bows, velvet bows, knitted bows, … If you like bows, these accessories will be your essentials.

Featured: Garter stitch beret and matching snood-scarf with velvet bow in Cloud 416. Knee high socks or tights with side velvet bow. Complete the look with the garter stitch cardigan and you can add the bow application. Discover the many other colour options at the online store

Featured: Garter stitch beret in grey and navy combined with the basic ribbed tights with faux fur pompom. As always, you have the short and long cardigan in the same colours. If you prefer, add the pompom hairclip or as an application for the cardigan.

Featured: The delicacy of the tulle helps us to give an extra sophistication to the outfit. Folded knit hat with tulle flower application in the new Bordeaux and Pale Pink. We also have gloves, short, knee high socks and tights with tulle. We have designed a new version of the basic cardigan, adding tulle at the waist. More colours available.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤

Autumn Colours

1 October, 2021 - Trends

At Cóndor we develop new colors every season. We keep the classics and add new trendy shades to the infinite colour chart. This Autumn, we have added Petunia, Bordeaux, Marsala, Banana and Stone Blue, that you will see here below.


At Cóndor, we will wear a lot of them because we have passion for colours 😉 We show you some proposals:

Yellow 630 – Cinnamon 688 – Oxide 696 – Mani 684 – Brown 390

The eternal earthy colors like the classic yellow. Cinnamon, that is relatively young in the Condor colour palette will still remain for a long time. Oxide arrived before cinnamon and has already become a classic. Very similar to cinnamon but it’s a little bit more intense and orange. Mani help us to give that touch of light on a sober autumn outfit. And browns are back again and will be the favorite one this season.

Banana 611 – Mustard 629 – Seaweed 742 – Amazonia 753 – Pine 795

Banana is one of the Condor bets for this fall. More powdery, a bit greenish, botanical and fresh, it matches perfectly with the range of greys. Mustard is fun and youthful. It may remind us of the retro fashion of the 70s and 80s. And we have a return of all kinds of greens, but at Cóndor we have opted more for natural tones, more muted, such as Pine, Amazon, Dry Green, Lichen, … These greens will add intensity to autumn.

Linen 304 – Camel 326 – Nougat 316 – Trunk 356 – Cauldron 385

In Autumn the range of browns will be in every closet, from the classic dark brown, chocolate, cauldron, toffee, beige to the most neutral and light. All will be part of a chromatic scale that will invade the garments that will be a trend this fall / winter. Even the timeless camel, such a basic and classic color, will be very trendy.

Tobacco 347 – Toffee 807 – Mink 350 – Burgundy 572 – Red 550

Burgundy is rich and warm, a deep red with a strong dose of brown. It brings class and elegance. Condor red is intense, energetic and cheerful for those greyer days.

Nude 674 – Old Rose 544 – Pink 334 – Dry Green 756 – Lichen 761

Delicate and slightly dusty shades that add softness, serenity to your look.

Baby Pink 500 – Pale Pink 526 – Aluminium 221 – Light Grey 230 – Anthracite 290

The classic Condor roses are warm, they bring tenderness and softness. The range of greys are timeless tones that will always be in fashion. Slightly cool light greys will work great with the rest of the cool colors of the season.

Petunia 597 – Cassis 669 – Amethyst 675 – Aubergine 180 – Burdeaux 197

Although softer pink colours are still in fashion, this year fuchsias are coming out strong. At Cóndor we have opted for the new petunia. Lilac and purple tones were already in fashion in winter 2020 and this year they will be no less.

Baby Blue 410 – Cloud 416 – French Blue 449 – Atlantic 485 – Navy 480

The most classic light blues provide us with the typical calm that we expect from blue tones. Instead the Atlantic is a vibrant blue, brighter and more vivid than classic blue.

Cream 202 – Cava 303 – Stone Blue 435 – Cobalt 470 – Jeans 490

Neutral and cold colours, soft and elegant. Stone blue is the new Condor blue for this Autumn. It is a calm and balanced shade of blue. Cobalt blue is the most elegant shade of the new season.

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Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤