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2 February, 2024 - About Cóndor

Our tights do not pill !

What is the secret they hide?

In today’s post we reveal our meticulous manufacturing process.

Fabricación de Calcetines

All our collections count with an excellent quality. Our brand is worldwide recognized for having the best facilities, raw materials and human team.

• For being a centuries-old brand, with a know-how of more than 125 years.

• For having a responsible, local manufacturing, 100% made in Spain.

• By the team of people who are involved in each step of the production process.

Tights Manufacturers

Why are the Condor tights the best in the market?

Fábrica de calcetería

• Because we use high-quality raw materials, which allow us to obtain tights of a better consistency, resistance and elegance.

• Because we use techniques to prevent pilling, which increases its durability.

• Because due to their resistance, they allow them to resist the day-to-day activities of children, avoiding scratches or breaks.

• Because we have our own dye department that allows us to have the most extensive range of colors on the market.

• Because we use LYCRA elastomer, which is the best on the market and allow kids move freely without feeling discomfort.

• Because the way we manufacture them gives best comfort, they neither tighten nor fall off.

• Due to the classic finishes such as rib, openworks, bows, lace and embroideries, they never go out of style. They are perfect for an everyday use as well as for special events.

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