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15 May, 2023 - About Cóndor

Express yourself through your clothes!

At Cóndor we are committed to caring for our planet and promoting sustainable practices. We are a Green brand, with ethical and sustainable values!

Sustainable Clothing!

Choose a sustainable fashion brand. If you are preparing your wardrobe for this Summer or you need to give a gift, don’t miss this selection. We are sure you will like it. Fall in love with sustainable fashion!

TEJIDOS ECOWAVE: We take care of the future of fashion and the planet, generating a more respectful and humane relationship with our environment. The Ecowave fabrics in our swimwear collection for this summer are a sustainable and responsible option made from recycled materials, processed and transformed into high-quality threads. They are resistant and durable, as well as a choice that has numerous benefits for the environment.

SEAQUAL® YARN: These Condor socks are made from Seaqual® yarn, from recycled marine plastic from the oceans. Cóndor is committed to the environment and that is why it supports the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, helping to clean our oceans of plastic waste.

Enter into online store and choose the designs that you like the most.

Cóndor, Passion for children since 1898 ❤

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