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Classic intarsia socks

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  • Which size to choose?
    You can check the specific size chart inside every product. If you have any doubt, contact us:
  • ¿Vestibulum vehicula leo ut risus commodo, et aliquet quam tincidunt.
    ¿Vestibulum vehicula leo ut risus commodo, et aliquet quam tincidunt.¿Vestibulum vehicula leo ut risus commodo, et aliquet quam tincidunt.
  • Why can't I buy from my country?
    Our online store only sells within the European Union, this automatic geolocation process can sometimes give an error. If you are in Spain, or any EU country, try following these steps: - Access our online store from a different computer. - If you are connected to a WIFI, change it to data. If these two options do not solve the problem, please contact us:
  • Why do perle or wool products size different?
    Regarding the difference in size in knitwear such as tights or socks, it is due to appearance and not capacity. These products have a final capacity reviewed by our manufacturing and quality department, however, the appearance of the tights and socks, depending on the material and how long they have been manufactured, can make them look very different. For example, if you've bought a pair of tights in a color that we've had in stock for a while longer, the tights will look a lot smaller. Because the lycra they contain, once ironed in our factory, shrinks over time. It is a natural shrinkage.