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The Fall romance

Nice fusion of purple and pink tones that is being very popular this season. Also known as “The new black”, it is inspired by the nature of the black currant and offers a very colorful and sophisticated touch to your outfit. It is a mixture of the intensity of purple tones with the softness of pink tones and, as a result, a darker grayish purple color.

It’s also said that Cassis has arisen from the Millenial Pink. It’s the evolution and growth of this generation that is now in another phase of its life in search of a sophisticated style.

This trend transferred to the babywear fashion offers us an intense powdery color, modern and neutral, whichs it’s perfect for boys and for girls. Easy to match son and daughter.

You will find it in the baby knit collection and in a wide range of socks, tights, cardigans, hats, gloves and scarves for babies and boys and girls.


Our Chalk Paint

Bright colour, very popular thankts to the “Chalk Paint” trend. Powdery colour, pastel blue with a certain chalky colour effect. Cloud 416 calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity.

Very easy to combine! Perfect with the different palette of browns, from the low-intensity shades such as linen, stone, camel, nougat or rope, to the higher ones such as tobacco, toffee, mink, trunk, rust, cauldron and the new cinnamon.

If you feel more comfortable with blue, you can play contrasting it with darker shades such as blue navy and trying the new Atlantic blue. If you want to enchance the Cloud 416, one option is to combine it with neutral colors such as white, cream or cava. And a wonderful result is also achieved with other ranges of powders such as old pink and pale pink. There are an infinity of possible combinations. We have the widest colour offer on the market so you can create multiple looks.


The essential

Without any doubt, one of your favorite colours this autumn. A color that brings warmth and light on the darkest and coldest days of winter. Earthy and warm, it evokes the aromatic cinnamon sticks and the sweetness of the exquisite pastries. It has nothing to do with reddish tones. It is the combination of coppers, oxides, golds and oranges.

Classic autumn colours never go out of style!

PINE 795

Feel the nature

Each season has its own color palette and autumn has brought us several new colours that are really a #musthave if you want to follow the trend. Pine is an example. It became fashionable last year in adult fashion and this year is also strong in children’s fashion.

Relaxing and cool. Super trend this year. Deep color that goes beautifully with neutral tones like grey, beige, white and black. If you want to risk a little more, you can combine it with colours such as mustard, cinnamon, brown, orange, yellow, among others.

Cóndor, Passion for children

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