25 February, 2021 - Collection


Spring and Summer are the ideal seasons to dress our girls in fresh and flowing styles, whether we plan to attend an event or just any other occasion. Light or pastel shades: white, beige, dusty pinks, are the most appropriate for a romantic children’s style.

In the Legwear Cóndor collection, you will find fine applications and details, giving an air of delicacy, innocence, simplicity, subtlety, … Socks made with very fresh materials so that they look but above all so that they feel very comfortable.

Garter card cardigans are designed to be a basic garment that can be worn all year round. It is a very versatile article, since you can use it both for a more casual dress or for more formal occasions.


The sock designs are unique: bows, laces handcrafted applied… Classic styles but giving each model a contemporary touch that makes it very special.


The different Cóndor collections are not independent of each other, but are designed to be able to be combined with each other and achieve that coordinated look that we like so much. Choose a cardigan colour and just match it with the same tone socks. You will see how easy it is!

Cóndor, Passion for children sinse 1898 ❤

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